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ASDAN ‘Award Scheme Development
& Accreditation Network’

ASDAN is an internationally recognised awarding body that offers courses which can be tailored to individual needs and interests. Their programmes are challenge-based, meaning students can immerse themselves in longer projects, or choose a range of shorter ones, to suit them. ASDAN courses are also relevant to vocational interests and the development of life skills, as well as more traditional curriculum subjects.


​ASDAN's courses have a proven track record in developing character traits in young people. Resilience, self-regulation, and emotional and social skills can play an important role in enabling young people to achieve positive health, education, employment and other outcomes.


At CG we are currently offering ASDAN short courses which are flexible, portfolio-based programmes designed to accredit up to 60 hours of activity and skills development across a range of topics and curriculum areas. 
The ASDAN Living Independently Short Course is focused on helping looked-after children make a successful transition from care into independent living. 

There are 30 courses we can offer including;

Core subjects, Vocational tasters, Work related, Personal & Social Development, Sports and Informal courses catering for Gardening, Animal care, Road Safety, Environmental, Expressive Arts, Foodwise and Living Independently.

  • Gardening, which helps learners develop practical gardening skills, as well as personal, social and work-related skills

  • Activities and Peer Tutoring, which accredits activities in community and informal settings. The peer tutoring aspect of the course provides recognition for young people who support others to undertake activities or who have taken on a leadership role in their group

  • Volunteering, which enables organisations to recognise the vital work of volunteers as well as accrediting their acquisition of new skills and knowledge

The Living Independently Short Course contains nine modules:

  • Earning and spending money

  • Keeping track of your money

  • Making financial choices

  • A place of your own

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Cooking on a budget

  • Practical cooking skills

  • Career management

  • Preparing for the world of work

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The FoodWise Short Course offers exciting and rewarding activities to develop skills and knowledge through cooking and food preparation:

  • Healthy eating

  • Basic food safety

  • Food preparation and presentation

  • Cooking on a budget

  •  Entertaining

  • The food industry

  • Practical cooking skills

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