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What we
can offer at CG Partnership

We offer a range of exceptional services as part of our holistic support packages. Aspects of these may include:


Each young person is offered opportunities to gain all the necessary skills to be able to transition successfully into independent living. Our Independent living skills programme is evidence based. Strengths and progress are recorded via Independent Living Skills Assessments and/or our ASDAN Programme. 


Additional support available includes education support from our in-house tutor, key work with our Behaviour Support Specialist and Emotional Literacy Specialist, therapeutic equine activities, sessions with our beauty therapist, health advice from our nurse drop-in service and ASDAN accreditations with our on-site co-ordinator.  Because all of these are additional skills our staff team have, they are provided at no additional cost to the local authority.


To expand on what we can offer, we have forged positive relationships with external agencies in our community who work in partnership to support the young people placed with us. Examples include work experience opportunities, martial arts, dog walking and grooming and therapeutic art sessions. 


We also encourage and offer gym membership to help promote Wellness.


The above are 'tasters' of what CG can and will offer. We will work closely with Local Authorities and other professionals to provide the best possible support opportunities for every young person placed with us.

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